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December 02, 2016 Will Temple

Redrow London - A distinctive market

Redrow Homes Ltd is divided in to 13 different regions spread throughout the UK. Whilst the divisions do vary both geographically and in t

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November 10, 2016 Louis Silva

Life in Commercial

First things first, induction week in Tamworth! This involved a lot of introductions, particularly to Redrow and its company values and ob

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December 14, 2015

Introducing Commercial

The Commercial team is responsible for monitoring and controlling the costs of sales across all outlets and providing accurate forecast co

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Harry Landers

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / South West

I’m a geography Grad from the University of Birmingham, currently working in the South West Division in Bristol on the rotational programme. I graduated in 2016 and went on to start a graduate-scheme with a different company the following September. However, I pretty much knew from day one that the job and the company weren’t for me, so I started looking for new ones immediately. I (sort of) knew I wanted to pursue a career in the construction industry following my experience in Planning as part of my geography degree, as well as an internship working for a chartered surveyor in between my second and third years at University. I spent many, many hours looking for jobs (just like everyone does) and found that Redrow offer a rotational grad scheme which was perfect as I wasn’t 100% sure on what I wanted to do (and still don’t). I’m currently working in the land department but I am moving to technical in December. Really looking forward to experiencing something completely new, with a complete new team of colleagues - it’s a great opportunity and experience.

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Anna Grainger

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Group/ Head Office

Hey, I’m Anna! I was born in Chester, but moved to Bath to study Mathematical Sciences (basically just a Maths degree but I was able to take Computer Science, Physics and Accounting modules as well) at the University of Bath with a placement year for my third year. And now I’m back in the pretty town of Chester, working as a Finance Graduate at Redrow! The house building industry has always interested me, and I’d heard really good things about Redrow from employees and contractors that worked for them. I managed to get myself an interview through a recruitment agency as the finance graduate programme is bespoke, so works slightly differently to the rotational programme in that it is fully set up by the Finance team. What really made me want to work for Redrow was the warm and welcoming culture it has – wherever you go in the business, there’s a friendly face to greet you. In addition to that, it feels like the company really wants to develop you as a person and there is a plethora of training days set up for the programme. A bit about myself outside of Redrow… I love spending time outdoors, travelling, cooking and challenging myself whether it’s doing my first half marathon or white water rafting. I also volunteer for a charity called the Cinnamon Trust, where I walk dogs for those less able who still want the great companionship of a loving dog. My life motto is that I’ll try everything once! Enjoy our blog, and hope to see you soon!

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Alex Day

Construction Graduate / 2017 / East Midlands

University: Sheffield Hallam University Degree: Construction Project Management My name is Alex and I’ve recently finished a BSc in Construction Management and started on a new career path with Redrow via the Construction Management Graduate Scheme I first heard about Redrow from a friend at university, who had previously completed a placement with them during his 3rd year at university. From the information he told me and the vast amount of training and support the company offered, I thought it would be a good idea to apply to the construction graduate scheme. Having worked only for a short while in construction, I have felt that Redrow offered a supportive and friendly approach to new graduates, I'm currently based in the recently formed East Midlands Division.. I look forward to progressing in my role at Redrow, where I will be learning directly onsite. As a direct university graduate I welcome the practical on site experience that I am going to gain and understand that it will be a challenge to learn the Redrow way of house building.

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Adam Tonge

Construction Graduate / 2017 / Yorkshire

University: Derby (mediated by University Campus Barnsley) Degree: BSc (Hons) Construction and Project Management Although this is a graduate's blog for graduate trainees, I haven't actually graduated yet! This is one of the many reasons that I believe sets Redrow apart; Redrow truly invests in their employees. I am currently in my third and last year of university and I am on route to achieve a first class with honours. You might ask, "but how can you do a full-time job and your degree at the same time?" Well, prior to joining Redrow I was only able to attend lectures by using all of my annual leave, then evening and weekends were dedicated to studying and assignment work. This admittedly was a difficult time in my life, but this is where Redrow came into the equation. During my second year at university, I applied for roles within a few different firms within the industry, and on each application, I made them aware that I would need support completing my degree. It was only Redrow that bothered to write back, inviting me to an assessment day. At first, I was unsure if my application had been fully read, but after further questioning, the Learning & Development team confirmed that they would be able to support me if I was successful. These events have led me to adopt a philosophy of "If you don't ask, you don't get". I am truly grateful to Redrow for the support, training and experience I have been provided with thus far. Joining Redrow Homes in the construction industry has been a huge change for me because I was contracting/outsourcing for a large UK bank for the previous 6 years. I am often asked why did I make the decision to move from financial to construction, and honestly, it is a difficult question to answer because there are a number of contributing factors. However, in my mind, it was due to being unqualified, wanting to further my education and having friends and family already within the industry. That is when I decided to pursue employment in a sector that really held interest with me. Some interesting facts about me: I'm married. I have a one-year-old (going on two-nager) son. I play for a basketball team that competes in the Sheffield Basketball League. I can 'code'. I know C# and Visual Basic Advance.

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Hannah Pullinger

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / West Country

Hi, I’m Hannah, a Geography grad from the University of Exeter. I’m also the Rotational Grad at the West Country office – I just loved Exeter so much I didn’t want to leave! Redrow’s Rotational Scheme is fantastic if you’re not yet sure which line of work you want to go into, as you get to have a go at everything. Previous work experience had shown me the benefits of getting to know people and their jobs from all areas of a business – building contacts within each department will help me in my day-to-day job, and getting to see and understand the entire process from beginning to end is great for people like me who honestly had little knowledge of the industry before arriving! Less than two months into the scheme and I have already been given responsibility with my own projects and partaken in a week-long project at Head Office with the other Rotational Grads. I can certainly say there has not been a day yet where I do not feel I have achieved or learnt something new. Outside of work hours you’ll probably find me swimming up and down for hours at my local pool. Having regularly competed since I was 9, I’m making sure I factor-in time for the things I enjoy doing even with a full-time job; the time management skills I’m learning are proving useful in more ways than one!

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Nicola Mannion

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Yorkshire

University: University of Liverpool Degree: Urban Regeneration and Planning Hi, I’m Nicola. I work in the Yorkshire division as a planning graduate, having finished my BA (Hons) in Urban Regeneration and Planning from the University of Liverpool this year. I first realised I wanted to have a career in the industry when I completed a month’s work experience with a house builder between my second and third year at university. Redrow became my company of choice when I saw how much care and attention they give to the graduate scheme. Even senior members of staff really value the importance of graduate training, and everyone’s really supportive. In my role, I sit between the Land and Technical departments. Working primarily with the land buyers, designers and engineers, I help to secure planning permission on sites and resolve planning issues that come up later in the construction process. The added bonus of working between two departments is being invited to social events by both teams: on my first day in the office I ended up being part of the Redrow Go Karting team, competing against the other Yorkshire housebuilders in the annual tournament! Redrow is also really supportive of my ambition to become a chartered planner, and I regularly attend RTPI courses alongside the extensive training programme which the company puts in place for all graduates. This not only boosts my professional development, but also allows me to network with other graduates in the industry. Outside of work, I enjoy horse riding and running. Last year I completed my first half marathon and I’m hoping to do a few more in the future! Good luck with your applications and I’ll hopefully see you at Redrow soon!

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Harry Lawrenson

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Yorkshire

Hi, I’m Harry - I’m a 2017 Graduate on the Redrow Rotational scheme, currently working in the Yorkshire division in Wakefield. I studied MEng Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Leeds. Having always wanted to build my own house and work in the housebuilding industry, but not quite knowing what role I wanted to pursue, the Redrow Rotational scheme was the perfect fit for me. Gaining exposure to different departments such as land, technical, sales, and construction is a great way to experience the business as a whole and see how different departments interact to create the finished product, before deciding on a specific role to suit you. Redrow really care about their graduates, people on all levels are always willing to help you improve your knowledge and develop professionally including encouraging professional qualifications. Your degree is definitely not an important factor either; given you have the passion and ambition for the industry, Redrow will serve you well. Whilst I’m not at work, you will most likely find me hopping on a plane travelling to new places, at music festivals, running, and most importantly eating! Good luck, don’t forget to check out the blog for an insight to what life is like as a graduate at Redrow!

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Sarah Lewis

Rotational Graduate / 2017 / Lancashire

University: Liverpool John Moores University Degree: Architectural Technology Hi I’m Sarah and I studied Architectural Technology at Liverpool John Moores University. I am currently living in North Wales, and based at the Lancashire office. I first heard about Redrow’s Graduate Scheme at a Careers Fair in my final year at University. I wasn’t sure what part of the industry that I wanted to go into after I finished my degree, and so the Graduate Scheme sounded perfect! The chance to rotate around the division, gaining an experience of each department before finally choosing where I wanted to end up, gave me the flexibility that I was looking for. Regular training sessions in Tamworth and seeing all the other graduates again is always a highlight and a great chance to catch up! In my spare time I enjoy socialising (with dogs in particular) and travelling as much of the world as I can. If I’m not out munching food with friends, I am definitely planning my next sun-filled adventure!

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Vanessa Okeowo

Construction Graduate / 2017 / South East

University: University of Kent Degree: Architecture Hi, I’m Vanessa. I work in the South East division as a Construction Management Graduate. I still can’t believe I can say that. I received my degree in Architecture from the University of Kent, during which I worked in architectural consultancies and practices. My time in each of those establishments exposed me to the role of a Construction Manager and for varying reasons, I knew it was one I wanted to pursue. Coming from a background as an architectural designer, I had no idea how to transfer my skills to this section of the building industry without the necessary experience of a similar role. So I began researching graduate positions as I knew these would offer the blend of learning and practical work experience that I needed. After receiving three offers, I had a decision to make and Redrow was my choice. I chose Redrow for many reasons, one being the quality of the houses designed which I can appreciate as an architectural designer and Redrow's dedication to creating thriving communities. Another reason was the seamless application and interview process. It’s difficult to explain, but even from that early stage, I have felt supported and welcomed by Redrow. Four months in, I know I’ve made the right decision. The scheme is well designed and constructed (excuse the pun!) in a way that encourages inclusiveness, learning and offers immense support through mentoring and training programmes. Advice to prospective candidates reading this page; Study your craft and the industry, make the absolute most of any opportunity you come across and believe in yourself. Aside from my career, I am a trained artist and filmmaker.

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Thomas Pierk

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / London

BSc Civil Engineering at University Catholic of Salvador (Brazil) MSc Environmental Design & Engineering at UCL (University College London) I am a Civil Engineer with a MSc in Environmental Design & Engineering at UCL with a brilliant education and professional experience as a fully qualified Civil Engineer. I have worked as a Civil Engineer in Brazil and in the UK I have been learning building requirements, improving my technical knowledge and communication skills for dealing with people from different backgrounds. During my previous job in Brazil I had the possibility to develop my analytical skills by working mainly on feasibility and concept projects, where I had to consider engineering, economical, regulatory and environmental aspects to delivery reports and figuring out solutions that would fulfil clients and company expectations. As a student, I was successful on the national entrance exams to my degree where I studied subjects in civil engineering achieving grade 70%. I have developed strong environmental design, report writing and analysis skills, mainly during my MSc while using building design and simulation software’s to achieve low carbon and sustainable buildings. I am a very focused, positive, team worker, who everyone gets along with very easily. I really like sports such as running, football, surfing and during my days off I love staying at home with my wife, family and friends, having barbecues or travelling around. I chose Redrow because they are one of the UK’s leading house builders and I admire their leadership in the engineering industry and how the company develop their projects thinking about now and the future. Redrow not only take care of their customers, but also take care of their employees. The company provide high quality training programmes which I am able to increase my skills and I am really happy to work for Redrow where I have already met fantastic people. I am very keen to keep growing with Redrow.

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Kevin Le

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Colindale

University: Middlesex University Degree: BSc Business Economics Through my years as an Economics student I learnt how to analyse the supply and demand of markets, understand which factors influence consumer behaviour and a lot more boring graphs and theories. When I was searching for graduate jobs throughout my degree, construction jobs weren’t on the top of my search list. It was more analyst, banking, and financial advisory roles related to my degree. My careers team e-mailed me about the opportunity to join Redrow’s Graduate Scheme. However having no previous work experience or a Construction related degree had me on the fence on whether Redrow would consider me due to this. Having done my research on Redrow and their ever growing Graduate Scheme, I was sold and decided to apply. What attracted me most about Redrow was the company’s focus on building quality homes and their welcoming people culture. I was fortunate to be offered a choice between the Bespoke Commercial Programme and the Rotational Programme, which was a difficult decision. I ended up going with the Commercial Programme as it was the career path which interested me most and the department where I saw my skills most applicable to. My advice is not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in terms of jobs linked to your degree, I had no experience in the industry prior to this role and here I am.

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Maurice Wills

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / South East

University: UWE Bristol Degree: Property Development and Planning I studied Property Development and Planning (BA Hons) which is accredited by RICS. I was fortunate enough to also participate in a placement year in industry in-between my second and third year working for a developer specialising in office to residential conversions. After some time in industry I realised that I was more interested in housebuilding, specifically new build developments. This led me to Redrow as a top tier housebuilder with new build developments across the country.

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Gabriella Agnello

Rotational Graduate / 2017 / NW

Hi I’m Gabby, I graduated from The University of Manchester with a first class BA (Hons) Geography degree. In the summer of 2015 I was lucky enough to carry out some work experience in Redrows’ Yorkshire division and since the two weeks I spent there I knew I wanted, not only a career in the house building industry, but a career with Redrow. I am now working at the North West division on the rotational scheme, which encourages you to try and experience new avenues, to determine which departments suit your skill set and personality. For me this was the perfect opportunity to try out different aspects of the business before I decided on what career path I wanted to choose. Within the short time I have been here I have already experienced a number of training days at Redrow's training centre, and even carried out a week placement with all the other graduates at Head Office! If you want to work for a business that encourages your growth and development alongside theirs, I would strongly recommend Redrow. In my spare time you’ll often find me eating out with friends, searching for new holiday destinations to visit or spending time with my family. Enjoy browsing our graduate blog and good luck with any applications!

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Liam Jenkins

Construction Graduate / 2017 / West Country

Hey all, my names Liam also known as 'Taff' / 'Taffy'/ 'Butty' from Swansea working in the West Country (Exeter) region on Redrows Bishop Courts site. I studied Bsc Project and Construction Management at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. I have been attracted to Redrow for some time; even before attending Uni through labouring on various construction sites including Redrow. I've always liked the image of which Redrow and their employees presented themselves which I could see myself working for, as a graduate, if not.... as a qualified Site manager in the future. Another main reason I Applied for the Graduate scheme is for what seems endless self development opportunities that Redrow offer. Redrow training and development team fully back every employee to develop themselves in areas out side of the structured learning program. I've had a couple years worth of experience as a project engineer working for the likes of NHS, Pharmaceuticals and private companies. I enjoyed the roles and had an insight of general project management, co-ordination and service engineering. The last three months with Redrow has made me realise I am best suited on the front line where all the madness happens. It is such a fun, stimulating role where no two days are the same. If I could describe a day on site in three words they would be: intense..... satisfying (when all goes well).... and sociable.

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Kate Sobota

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Colindale

Hi, I am Katarzyna (to simplify - just Kate) ! I was born in Poland, but moved to England as a child. I have recently completed my degree in Architectural Engineering and Design Management, graduating from Loughborough University. Two years ago, as an undergraduate I had decided not to pursue my future career in Manchester (where my family resides) but London instead. That’s when I found out that Redrow were looking for undergrads for their placement programme. During the course of year, I have worked on site - Royal Waterside project, learning the trade from closer view. Afterwards, my peers where happy with my performance and offered me a sponsorship, for my final year in university and job after I graduate. All of this, has made me like Redrow more, as I was sure of my future and could focus more on completion of my degree. When I am outside of work I like to travel with my friends, not only abroad but also within UK, to basically enjoy life and see different place, while I still can. I also like to read, play sports (especially basketball – probably due to my height) and watch football. As I grew up in Old Trafford- I had to be loyal to ‘my club’… Man Utd (still believe we can win all this season). Additionally, during my placement year, I have started to work on my professional development actions to become a full member of CIOB (Charted Institute of Building). Redrow is very supportive of its graduates and their ambitions. That is why they put in place different types of trainings and courses. I hope you enjoy this blog and best of luck when applying.

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Laura Birkett

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Lancashire

Hello, my name is Laura and I’m currently working in the Technical department at Redrow’s Lancashire office in Chorley. I’ve known from a very young age that I wanted to design houses one day, which is quite fortunate as I was able to direct all my Educational choices towards an Architectural career. Throughout my five long, long years at UCLan studying for my BSc Hons and MA in Architecture I always kept an open mind in case I preferred designing something different like football stadiums and commercial buildings but I always favoured residential design. In my final year I completed a residential project for the elderly and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was pleased to land a job at an Architects practice which specialised in Healthcare (including for the elderly) for the day after my final hand in. I absolutely loved my job but unfortunately as there was no room for progression I made the tough decision to leave and decided to go back to my original plan which was house design. I specifically targeted Redrow as I considered them to be the most well-known house builder that produced quality houses. I registered for interest on the Redrow careers website and found the Graduate Scheme. I thought I was too old for a graduate scheme having just turned 25 at the time. However I got on and started work early in the Technical department – ultimately where I want to work considering my background – and 8 months later this is where I am today.

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Will Morgan

Rotational Graduate / 2017 / South Wales

Hi, my name is Will and I’m a Civil Engineering Graduate from University of Bath. I am on the Rotational Programme in Redrow’s South Wales division in Cardiff. Having completed a degree in construction, there were several routes for me to follow upon graduation, but I decided to pursue housebuilding, and specifically Redrow. I visited one of Redrow’s sites when a family member bought a Redrow home. The attention to detail and quality of the product was a real attraction to me – I wanted to be part of a company that I could be proud of. From there, I began researching the company and found the idea of the Rotational Programme intriguing, where the opportunity to gain experience across six departments in a twelve month window seemed a great opportunity, and also has allowed me more time to consider the career path I want to follow within the company whilst gaining valuable experience. I’ve really enjoyed myself so far, and the team I have been working with are great. Everyone has been more than happy to spend time with me answering my questions, and I have even managed to get myself invited to a few social events! We also regularly meet as graduates for training, which is a great opportunity to discuss our experiences so far – some of which we will be documenting in this space. So have a read of our blogs and see what we’ve all been up to!

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Christy Chadwick

Rotational Graduate / 2017 / NW

University: University of Cambridge Degree: Geography Hi, I’m Christy and I’m based in the North West division in Daresbury. After three years studying Geography at the University of Cambridge, I’ve found myself a place on Redrow’s fantastic graduate scheme, working on the rotational programme. Having known for a long time I wanted to go into the housebuilding industry, I was over the moon to have gained a graduate position with Redrow. The rotational scheme had really appealed to me and I knew it would be the perfect foundation to my housebuilding career (great pun, if I say so myself). All joking aside, being able to gain exposure to the different departments at Redrow is a great way to gain valuable knowledge of how the different departments fit together to create our impressive developments and a broader understanding of the business as a whole, setting you up well for your future career. I can honestly say that the scheme doesn't disappoint. I’ve already learned a lot about the company and I know that I’ve only scratched the surface. In the office, I’m surrounded by people with great expertise who are always willing to give me time and want to help improve my knowledge and skills. The office atmosphere is great, no two days have been the same and I can genuinely say I enjoy coming to work every day. If you’re considering applying for Redrow’s graduate scheme – do it! It really is a great opportunity and I’m sure you’ll love your time here at Redrow. Good luck with any applications and I’ll hopefully see you at Redrow soon!

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Emily Credidio

Rotational Graduate / 2017 / Southern Counties

University: Exeter Degree: Psychology Hi, my name is Emily and I am on the Rotational Graduate Programme in the Southern Counties Division. This year I graduated from the University of Exeter with a first class BSc Psychology degree. As you can imagine, when I started my degree, I did not intend to work for a housebuilder. However, in the summer between my second and final year I was a Sales and Marketing Intern for Aster Group, a not-for-dividend landlord and housing developer. Whilst I was not completely sold on a career in sales or marketing, I was won over by the housing industry. In my final year I decided to visit Redrow at my careers fair and was assured that my degree subject would not hinder my application. Redrow’s excellent training programmes and facilities ensure that they are able to support graduates from all disciplines who have a desire and keen interest to work in the industry. Outside of work, I love seeing my family and friends, visiting new places, and taking long country walks - mostly ones that end in a good roast dinner! Enjoy exploring our blog posts and good luck!

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Angelina Vassiliadis

Construction Graduate / 2017 / Colindale

University: University of Bedfordshire Degree: MSc Project Management Hi, my name is Angelina and I am a Construction Graduate based at Colindale Gardens. I graduated in 2016 with a Master’s degree in Project Management; however, my background was in customer care and the tourism industry - having attained my undergraduate degree in the related field. Getting into the construction industry has not been a straightforward journey for me, particularly as I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do, however now I’m here I couldn’t happier. My journey to working in Construction embarked shortly after I received my undergraduate results where I was fortunate enough to be awarded with a Jubilee Scholarship of doing a Master’s Degree for free! This was an excellent opportunity for me to enhance my career prospective and steer myself towards an industry I had always been fascinated by, construction. It was working in the leisure and tourism sector that first exposed me to the idea of project management and construction as I witness the developments of hotels and resorts. I loved the idea of building something from scratch for people to enjoy and appreciate and thought to myself, I can do that! This led me to enrolling for an MSc Project Management course – it was a challenge, but I was driven to succeed. I was exposed to a huge variety of aspects and tasks regarding project management during my course, and was fortunate enough to work on a number of brilliant projects including developing a documentation initiative for Luton Borough Council’s community development plans. It was projects like this that spurred me on to take the leap and fulfil my ambition of becoming a project manager. Although inspired, I was anxious about the process of seeking employment as a project manager due to my lack of experience and I was unsure of where to start. It was then I discovered the Redrow Graduate opportunity. With extensive research on the company and its history, combined with the excellent experiences the graduate scheme offered, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to get started.

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