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Laura Birkett

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Lancashire

Hello, my name is Laura and I’m currently working in the Technical department at Redrow’s Lancashire office in Chorley.

I’ve known from a very young age that I wanted to design houses one day, which is quite fortunate as I was able to direct all my Educational choices towards an Architectural career. Throughout my five long, long years at UCLan studying for my BSc Hons and MA in Architecture I always kept an open mind in case I preferred designing something different like football stadiums and commercial buildings but I always favoured residential design.

In my final year I completed a residential project for the elderly and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was pleased to land a job at an Architects practice which specialised in Healthcare (including for the elderly) for the day after my final hand in. I absolutely loved my job but unfortunately as there was no room for progression I made the tough decision to leave and decided to go back to my original plan which was house design. I specifically targeted Redrow as I considered them to be the most well-known house builder that produced quality houses.

I registered for interest on the Redrow careers website and found the Graduate Scheme. I thought I was too old for a graduate scheme having just turned 25 at the time. However I got on and started work early in the Technical department – ultimately where I want to work considering my background – and 8 months later this is where I am today.

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