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Kate Sobota

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Colindale

Hi, I am Katarzyna (to simplify - just Kate) ! I was born in Poland, but moved to England as a child. I have recently completed my degree in Architectural Engineering and Design Management, graduating from Loughborough University. Two years ago, as an undergraduate I had decided not to pursue my future career in Manchester (where my family resides) but London instead. That’s when I found out that Redrow were looking for undergrads for their placement programme.

During the course of year, I have worked on site - Royal Waterside project, learning the trade from closer view. Afterwards, my peers where happy with my performance and offered me a sponsorship, for my final year in university and job after I graduate. All of this, has made me like Redrow more, as I was sure of my future and could focus more on completion of my degree.
When I am outside of work I like to travel with my friends, not only abroad but also within UK, to basically enjoy life and see different place, while I still can. I also like to read, play sports (especially basketball – probably due to my height) and watch football. As I grew up in Old Trafford- I had to be loyal to ‘my club’… Man Utd (still believe we can win all this season).
Additionally, during my placement year, I have started to work on my professional development actions to become a full member of CIOB (Charted Institute of Building). Redrow is very supportive of its graduates and their ambitions. That is why they put in place different types of trainings and courses. I hope you enjoy this blog and best of luck when applying.

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