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Kevin Le

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / Colindale

University: Middlesex University
Degree: BSc Business Economics

Through my years as an Economics student I learnt how to analyse the supply and demand of markets, understand which factors influence consumer behaviour and a lot more boring graphs and theories. When I was searching for graduate jobs throughout my degree, construction jobs weren’t on the top of my search list. It was more analyst, banking, and financial advisory roles related to my degree.
My careers team e-mailed me about the opportunity to join Redrow’s Graduate Scheme. However having no previous work experience or a Construction related degree had me on the fence on whether Redrow would consider me due to this. Having done my research on Redrow and their ever growing Graduate Scheme, I was sold and decided to apply.

What attracted me most about Redrow was the company’s focus on building quality homes and their welcoming people culture.

I was fortunate to be offered a choice between the Bespoke Commercial Programme and the Rotational Programme, which was a difficult decision. I ended up going with the Commercial Programme as it was the career path which interested me most and the department where I saw my skills most applicable to.

My advice is not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in terms of jobs linked to your degree, I had no experience in the industry prior to this role and here I am.

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