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Vanessa Okeowo

Construction Graduate / 2017 / South East

University: University of Kent
Degree: Architecture

Hi, I’m Vanessa. I work in the South East division as a Construction Management Graduate. I still can’t believe I can say that.

I received my degree in Architecture from the University of Kent, during which I worked in architectural consultancies and practices. My time in each of those establishments exposed me to the role of a Construction Manager and for varying reasons, I knew it was one I wanted to pursue.

Coming from a background as an architectural designer, I had no idea how to transfer my skills to this section of the building industry without the necessary experience of a similar role. So I began researching graduate positions as I knew these would offer the blend of learning and practical work experience that I needed.

After receiving three offers, I had a decision to make and Redrow was my choice. I chose Redrow for many reasons, one being the quality of the houses designed which I can appreciate as an architectural designer and Redrow's dedication to creating thriving communities. Another reason was the seamless application and interview process. It’s difficult to explain, but even from that early stage, I have felt supported and welcomed by Redrow.

Four months in, I know I’ve made the right decision. The scheme is well designed and constructed (excuse the pun!) in a way that encourages inclusiveness, learning and offers immense support through mentoring and training programmes.

Advice to prospective candidates reading this page; Study your craft and the industry, make the absolute most of any opportunity you come across and believe in yourself.

Aside from my career, I am a trained artist and filmmaker.

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