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Adam Tonge

Construction Graduate / 2017 / Yorkshire

University: Derby (mediated by University Campus Barnsley)
Degree: BSc (Hons) Construction and Project Management

Although this is a graduate's blog for graduate trainees, I haven't actually graduated yet! This is one of the many reasons that I believe sets Redrow apart; Redrow truly invests in their employees. I am currently in my third and last year of university and I am on route to achieve a first class with honours.

You might ask, "but how can you do a full-time job and your degree at the same time?"

Well, prior to joining Redrow I was only able to attend lectures by using all of my annual leave, then evening and weekends were dedicated to studying and assignment work. This admittedly was a difficult time in my life, but this is where Redrow came into the equation. During my second year at university, I applied for roles within a few different firms within the industry, and on each application, I made them aware that I would need support completing my degree. It was only Redrow that bothered to write back, inviting me to an assessment day. At first, I was unsure if my application had been fully read, but after further questioning, the Learning & Development team confirmed that they would be able to support me if I was successful.

These events have led me to adopt a philosophy of "If you don't ask, you don't get". I am truly grateful to Redrow for the support, training and experience I have been provided with thus far.

Joining Redrow Homes in the construction industry has been a huge change for me because I was contracting/outsourcing for a large UK bank for the previous 6 years. I am often asked why did I make the decision to move from financial to construction, and honestly, it is a difficult question to answer because there are a number of contributing factors. However, in my mind, it was due to being unqualified, wanting to further my education and having friends and family already within the industry. That is when I decided to pursue employment in a sector that really held interest with me.

Some interesting facts about me:
I'm married.
I have a one-year-old (going on two-nager) son.
I play for a basketball team that competes in the Sheffield Basketball League.
I can 'code'. I know C# and Visual Basic Advance.

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