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Harry Landers

Graduate Trainee / 2017 / South West

I’m a geography Grad from the University of Birmingham, currently working in the South West Division in Bristol on the rotational programme. I graduated in 2016 and went on to start a graduate-scheme with a different company the following September. However, I pretty much knew from day one that the job and the company weren’t for me, so I started looking for new ones immediately. I (sort of) knew I wanted to pursue a career in the construction industry following my experience in Planning as part of my geography degree, as well as an internship working for a chartered surveyor in between my second and third years at University. I spent many, many hours looking for jobs (just like everyone does) and found that Redrow offer a rotational grad scheme which was perfect as I wasn’t 100% sure on what I wanted to do (and still don’t). I’m currently working in the land department but I am moving to technical in December. Really looking forward to experiencing something completely new, with a complete new team of colleagues - it’s a great opportunity and experience.

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