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Beckie Harris

Rotational Graduate / 2018 / West Country

University: Cardiff University
Degree title: International Business Management

Hi, my name is Beckie and I’ve recently graduated with a BSc in International Business Management and I’m a newly recruited Rotational Graduate at the West Country office.

I’ve known of Redrow for many years as a family member purchased a house from Redrow when I was a child. In my final year of university I decided that I would like to pursue a career in the construction industry after many years of watching my family refurbish homes, I decided I would like to follow in their footsteps. I decided to apply to Redrow after discovering their amazing training opportunities within the company, and knowing their reputation to build houses unique and of higher quality than the industry standard.

After my A Level’s, I set off to independently travel and work through Australia and New Zealand for a year. Two years later I jetted off again to travel through South East Asia, finally to set base in Cardiff to complete my education. As well as having the travelling bug, I love sports activities. Previously, I previously played Netball at regional level and now learning pole fitness whilst being an active gym goer. I feel blessed that I have been recruited into the West Country office due to family and the countryside being close by. I was fortune enough to be brought up on a farm with ten dogs in nearby North Devon and love the fact I’m contributing to towns and villages I’ve grown up knowing. My party trick is being able to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in a Donald Duck voice.

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