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Nicola Pearson

Graduate Trainee - Sustainability / 2016 / Head Office, St David's Park

University/ Degree: University of Chester, Geography

Hi there! My names Nicola and I have joined Redrow as a Sustainability Graduate just a few months after finishing my Geography degree at the University of Chester.

Although these are my first steps into full time work, I have previously had work experience in an environmental and construction consultancy, a balloon shop and even with my local MP… So definitely had a mixture of experiences!
I have had an interest in the environment, climate change and sustainability for a number of years, but really found my love for it at university where there were modules in these areas, alongside a strong sustainability ethos and a number of projects within the department and the university as a whole. To delve deeper into the subject of sustainability I decided to base my dissertation on it, alongside my other favourite subject… football! So I decided to investigate the ‘Environmental Impacts of Football and Fans Awareness of this”. Although I did get a lot of confused looks when I told people what I was doing, it turned out to be a really interesting topic with lots of different findings; one key finding being the more fans are more made aware of the issues, the more willing they are to make environmentally sustainable changes.

Starting as a Sustainability Graduate at Redrow is an exciting opportunity for me. I look forward to getting involved in the variety of projects the team is currently working on where I hope to help implement some new Redrow Environmental Management and Sustainability data collecting systems for the business. This alongside conducting various site visits throughout the year. This is an exciting time for the company and for the sustainability team and I am excited to be a part of it.

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