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Krzystof Kwiatkowski

Graduate Trainee - Legal / 2016 / Group, South Wales

University/ Degree: Swansea University, Law

My name is Krzysztof/Kris. As you can tell from my name I am originally from Poland. I came to the UK for my Bachelors of Law. I started a degree in Law & Economics, however after a year I realised that I enjoyed the legal side of my higher education much more. I have always been inclined towards civil and business law and, where possible, I have picked my modules accordingly. The area of law relating to development and construction has appealed to me ever since I came across contractual issues in the construction context in my first year’s modules. I have been trying to get some experience in the area ever since.

In my final year I completed a vacation scheme in a niche commercial firm, working closely with Redrow, where on my request I was given some development related work. On reflection this work was the most enjoyable part of the placement.

The feeling of contributing towards something as real and needed in society as housing is extremely rewarding and that was one the major factors that attracted me to Redrow. Another characteristic that, in my opinion, sets Redrow apart from traditional legal vacancies for graduates (in a law firm) is the possibility of early specialisation in a growing branch of legal industry and the exposure to the industry, which allows to obtain a real insight into the industry.

The final advantage that the Legal Graduate position in Redrow has is the variety of work undertaken. In my first 6 weeks at Redrow I drafted deeds and agreements relating to ongoing developments, carried out legal searches for the proposed sites, investigated the legal background of enquiries made by the residents of completed sites and dealt with discharge of charges registered against the Company.

I dedicate my spare time to following motorsports, especially off-road races, amateur LEGO Technic model creating (again mostly racing vehicles), reading various books, playing computer games from the 90’s and discovering the beauty of South Wales on Sunday bike trips with my girlfriend.

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