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Harriet Parker

Graduate Trainee - Rotational / 2016 / Yorkshire

University/ Degree: University of York, Law

Hello, I’m Harriet, one of the 2016 Graduates on Redrow’s Graduate Rotational Scheme.

Having done a law degree, most of my friends were slightly bewildered as to how I have ended up in the house building industry. I have to say, I questioned my decision a little before starting at Redrow. However, these doubts soon disappeared, the variety of work that is on offer with the rotational programme keeps me constantly on my toes. Now it is my friends that are envious of me, being a ‘hot shot lawyer’ certainly was not for me. Perhaps, I am a good example for demonstrating that suitability for the Redrow graduate programme comes in all shapes and sizes and is not dictated by your degree.

Having been very city bound while at the University of York, I have now been given the opportunity to explore the Yorkshire countryside from my Wakefield office base. Although Wakefield is not known as the most exciting place in the world; it is the perfect place for a southerner in the north to explore Yorkshires delicacies.

And as such it now seems appropriate to use some of the local lingo, and say... ‘sithee in a bit’.

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