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Freya Taylor

Graduate Trainee - Rotational / 2016 / West Country

University/ Degree: University of Exeter, History and International Relations

Hi I’m Freya and I completed my degree this year in History and International Relations, graduating from the University of Exeter. I am originally from Sheffield but have been enjoying the West Country life for three years now.

During my time at university I spent a lot of my time (and precious student finance money) travelling. I inter-railed around Europe with friends and spent some time in Beijing and India with the British Council. Additionally, despite not being fit enough, I trekked to Machu Picchu in Peru last August with my University 'Raise and Give Society' and raised £3000 for charity.

My degree did not align me to a career at Redrow as neatly as some of the other graduates, but I haven’t found it to be a problem. After spending some time in the land and planning office at my local city council I knew I was keen to pursue it further and the rotational graduate scheme at Redrow offered that opportunity.

Whilst I am still struggling to remember names, everyone has been friendly and supportive and already I can see that my time here is going to be full of training and social events which is how I know Redrow is the best place for me to be!

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