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Dominic Walker

Graduate Trainee - Marketing / 2016 / Head Office, St David's Park

University/ Degree: Leeds Metropolitan, Film and Moving Image Production

Hi, I’m Dom!

I joined Redrow as a digital marketing graduate on July 4th (very easy to remember) and it’s flown by so far.

My story is a pretty familiar one, Uni – Job – Travel – Redrow! After I graduated with a first class honours degree in Film and Moving Image Production from Leeds Metropolitan University I worked as a retail manager for two years saving up every penny I had to go on a grand adventure. In October 2015 I left for a 5 month trip across the Americas where I visited Canada, North America, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. I had a couple of amazing experiences on the trip including visiting the Grand Canyon, Trekking to Manchu Picchu (which I did alongside a former NASA astronaut!) and cycling down death road in La Paz.

When I returned I briefly worked in banking before applying for the Redrow Graduate Scheme. The process was really straightforward. After I sent my application I got invited to an assessment day which was really fun and engaging compared to some others I’ve experienced. After that I was called back for a final one-to-one interview with my line manager and director and the week after I was offered the job!

I’m really enjoying the role, one thing I really like about Redrow is the mix of training and actually doing the job. I was in at the deep end on day one instead of stuck in a class room for 2 weeks. One thing I’ve noticed since being here is how proud people are to work for Redrow and I could see why straight away.

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