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Ben Jones

Graduate Construction Trainee / 2016 / West Country

University/ Degree: Plymouth University, Construction Management and the Environment.

Hi, I’m Ben and I’m on the graduate construction programme.

I’m from sunny South Devon near Exeter in the West Country, which according to one of the training team (Dave) is in the middle of nowhere. I went to Plymouth University (even further out the way) and studied Construction Management. I have no trade background or extensive site experience but from the short time that I have been onsite this has not been an issue. Everyone is friendly to you if you are friendly to them and if you ask people about their work/trade they’re generally happy to tell you about it.

I decided to apply for the construction programme rather than the rotational programme because I knew that being on the construction site was definitely where I wanted to be. However, careful what you wish for because after a fun first week at Redrow HQ with all the other construction graduates, we were all in at the deep end and onsite the following week and getting stuck in.

From hearsay, the research that I did before joining and what I have experienced so far at Redrow there seems to be a real emphasis on training and progression which is ideal when starting a career in construction. Therefore, I can’t wait to get further into the graduate course and see what the future at Redrow holds for me and the rest of the graduates.

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