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Adil Hussain

Graduate Trainee / 2016 / Redrow Homes Midlands

Uni/ Degree: MSc Construction Project and Cost Management

The sky is the limit and I will tell you why. I'm 24 years old, finishing my masters in construction, which is a bit strange as my undergraduate was in sports management, (a story for another time). With determination, anything is possible!

"Always believe you can fly, will allow you to touch the sky" - Space Jam

There is a lot to learn but with great support at Redrow there is no limit to what you can achieve. There are many great site managers along with the learning and development team who will support you and nurture you throughout your graduate programme. The programme is tough and it is challenging, but without a challenge you will never know your full potential.

It is nice to finally enter the world of construction where there is so much to learn, learning never ends regardless of how experienced you are. Anyone who has the desire to learn and better themselves should apply at Redrow as it is a great company to work for.

My hobbies lay with socialising on the weekends, spontaneous trips abroad and binging on TV programmes. I also have a keen eye for sports and the gym.

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