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Manjeeta Pathak

Construction Graduate Trainee / 2016 / London

University/ Degree: City University, London; MSc in Project Management

I am a current Redrow construction graduate who has recently completed a MSc in Project Management, finance and risk from City University, London. My undergraduate studies consist of Architecture, while working in that field I realised that I wanted to be a part of something major. As I didn't want to confine myself to the office, computer, design and 3D modelling I took a bold step into construction and Redrow is helping me build my personal and professional vision.

Within my first few days at Redrow I quickly realised how serious and concerned they are about graduates and are very approachable and helpful. The best part is they encourage women in construction. So, my suggestion to future graduates is if you like challenge in life and want to be part of something tangible and feel valued, Redrow is without doubt the place for you!!!

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