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Dave Seeley

Construction Graduate Trainee / 2016 / London

University/ Degree: Glyndwr University, Construction Management

Hi, I’m David/Dave. I’ve recently finished a BSc in Construction Management and started on a new career path with Redrow via the Construction Management Graduate Scheme. I’ve worked in a plethora of different job sectors, but finally decided to pursue employment in a sector that really held interest with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but so far starting with Redrow has been a lot of fun. Out of all the construction companies I had applied to, Redrow seemed like they really cared about their staff rather than them simply being a number on a piece of paper. It was this, their reputation and their willingness to invest in further training for staff that secured my decision to work for them. I’m going to be based in London and one evening I’d made a quick visit to the outside of my proposed site to see what was awaiting me. Huge apartment blocks reached into the sky above me and it seemed pretty daunting, yet after a great induction week I’m both excited and looking forward to the challenge.

I’m not trying to sound like a poster boy for the company, but based on my experience so far If you’re looking for an opportunity to develop yourself, your skills and have a great accompanying support network, then undertaking either the rotational or construction management graduate scheme might be well worth looking into. The prospect of advancement within the company structure seems very realistic and so I’m looking to put in the hard graft, expand my knowledge and see where Redrow takes me.

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