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Sean Turner

Technical Graduate 2015-2016 / 2015 / Redrow Homes South East

It was in sixth form where I first developed an interest in the design and construction industry, after which I studied Architecture RIBA Part 1 at the University of Portsmouth, before moving onto the Graduate scheme here at Redrow. From university I wanted to move away from the creative side, yet remaining where my interests lie in the housing sector. After Getting through the schemes application process, I started at the South East office at the start of September 2015. As opposed to the Rotational Scheme on offer at Redrow I am on a two year direct entry scheme solely in Technical relating to my background in Architecture. I’ve now been here nine months which have flown by, and have settled into the Technical department with a great group of people. Although I’m not a rotational graduate, so far in Technical I’ve still been able to interact with areas across the business, with an insight into stages from conception of a site through to completion of a development. A great thing here has been colleague’s constant willingness to help whenever possible throughout the office, and being given tasks and responsibility from the outset. Whether you have your heart set on a particular area within the industry or are leaving university unsure of what field you want to move into, I would recommend Redrow’s graduate schemes, with the option of having a go at all areas of the business in rotation or jumping straight into a direct entry role where you will learn on the job from day one.

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