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Noah Overton

Rotational Graduate / 2015-2016 / Redrow Homes South East

I had three great years studying for my degree in Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield. Having really enjoyed my course it felt natural to go into the housing sector, but I found it very difficult to decide which field I wanted to go in to. One thing I was sure of was that I wanted to get into the work place straight out of university, which meant I declined the opportunity to study for a Masters in Town Planning. Fresh out of university I got a job in the housing sector, but it wasn’t the part of the industry that I wanted to stay in. The Redrow Rotational Graduate Scheme was exactly the opportunity I was looking for and after going through the application process I was lucky enough to be offered a place. The scheme’s flexibility and rotational aspects were the key factors that drew me towards the job. Once I accepted the job I went to Australia to travel and work for the months up until starting the training scheme, this was an amazing experience and I loved the life style, if it wasn’t for Redrow I would still be there now!
In the few months I have been with Redrow I have been astounded by the amount of help and knowledge both junior and senior colleagues have given me. I am gaining real insight in to all aspects of the company through my time in the various departments. I was originally worried about the drive from north London to our South East office, but it’s been fine, so don’t let the idea of a commute put you off. In short, I would highly recommend the scheme and Redrow to any graduate looking for opportunities and an exciting future within the housing sector.

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