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Michael Stuttaford

Rotational Graduate / 2015-2016 / Redrow Homes South Wales

I’m Mike and I live near Port Talbot in South Wales, also locally known as Mordor during the night. I studied MEng Civil Engineering at Cardiff University and I am a rotational graduate in the South Wales Division. You can usually find me during the warmer months out on the golf course yelling profanities at my terrible shots. I am a lot better at shooting clay discs flying through the air, at least that sport (yes it’s a sport, I can’t believe it either) doesn’t require anything more than a light stroll. The rotation programme allows for a great opportunity to gain an understanding of each department. It’s more than the basics too. You may not gain first-hand experience in everything over the 2 months, but you are still exposed to all of the frequent challenges that come up.

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