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Catherine Gower

Rotational Graduate / 2015-2016 / Redrow Homes West Country

Hi, I’m Catherine, a Business Grad from Cardiff University. I’m based down in Exeter at the moment, covering the lovely counties of Devon and Cornwall.
This scheme is excellent for a generalised business graduate like me, as it opens my eyes to a variety of departments and throws me into a fantastic industry to put my degree to practice.
I work with some great guys and have a really proactive Regional Director who has thrown projects at me from day one. Such projects involve me revising waste management activities and monitor sustainable practices across all 11 sites. Therefore a few months in, I’m micro-managing my own projects and reporting my ideas directly to the Regional Director! This is what I think is best about the graduate scheme by far!
For someone who had no background at all in the /property/construction industry- I have learnt a heck of a lot in 6 months. Every day I become more confident in what I do, and that’s down to the great guys I work with the well-structured graduate scheme.

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