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Sophie Miller

Rotational Graduate / 2014 - 2015 / South Midlands

Nottingham Trent University / Architecture

Hi I’m Sophie, and I’m awful when it comes to writing about myself, so I will tell you a little about where I work.
I’m located at the South Midlands office, aka Northampton, aka a town so bad it’s good. Home of the Saints and Alan Carr what more could you ask for?!?! Proving we have a high profile sporting presence in the town and very good rugby team and stadium
Northampton has a lot to offer, plenty of shops in the centre and not to mention the riverside retail park, as well as this there are a variety of restaurants and bars, personally I would recommend the smoke pit however if you’re feeling cheeky there’s always a Nando’s right around the corner.
If you are into music and live bands Northampton has a cool/hip music scene to offer, I am neither cool nor hip seeing as I used the words ‘cool and hip’ to describe something but it’s definitely worth checking out… take my word
So that is a little snap shot into my new working town; Northampton ‘where dreams are made’

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