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Jack Allan

Rotational Graduate / 2014 - 2015 / Redrow Homes South Wales

Heriot-Watt/Planning and Property Development

Hi I’m Jack and I am a bit of a nomad having been born in England, raised in Scotland and now working in South Wales. Most will class me as Scottish due to my accent, ginger hair and freckles!

Many people may find it frightening relocating for a job opportunity – and I have to admit that was me. The second I started these thoughts left my head. The members of the South Wales office could not have made me feel more at home if they tried. I had 3 social events in my first 4 weeks making me instantly feel part of the team. The scheme itself is a great foundation for entering the housebuilding sector as you get an understanding from every possible angle and how crucial each department is. I was slightly blinkered after purely studying land for 4 years…

The South Wales division is located on the edge of Cardiff which has been a great city to live in for the past year. With the city being the capital it means there is always plenty going on and has everything you possibly need. It has must be said though, once you start drifting out towards “the Valleys” it becomes much more rural but the scenery is breath taking. However, I do not understand their accent in the Valleys; they do not understand mine so there is a lot of smiling and nodding from both parties

In my spare time I enjoy going to new cities, adding to my ever growing collection of trainers and jackets, watching football and eating. Mainly eating.

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