Spring into Sales and Community Project 2019

Landing a position on the Bespoke Sales Graduate Programme has really taught me how every department comes together and how this affects the customer experience with buying a home with Redrow. I have gone through journeys with customers from when they have reserved a property to completion. This has highlighted the importance and personal meaning of every stage of the journey to a customer. I have done completions with customers where they've had tears of joy!

We have been set our Community project for this year which will involve the bespoke and rotational graduates helping to transform an area of unused land which the children can use at St Mary's Angels Catholic Primary School. We have been briefed that the area of land would have a purpose of being a 'Time Out' area. This ties in with our involvement of the Redrow 'Mind your Head' Mental Health Programme that has recently been launched. We have been discussing various ideas of what we can do with the land, what particular areas could be used for and how we can incorporate mental wellbeing themes into the project.

Before we visited the school, we had a GoPro and video training session to ensure that we can document our journey of the transformation of the landscape. We were taught about different techniques; such as how to use the background to our advantage and the 'rule of three'. In addition, we were shown different focusing techniques to ensure the camera picks up the best quality images. This is definitely a great way to highlight what sort of projects bespoke and rotational graduates can get involved with at Redrow.

We drove to the school and met with the Head Teacher who showed us the area. As we were looking around we were able to discuss ideas and get a better understanding of what land we would be working with and what sort of materials and equipment we will need. Another aspect of our brief stated that we have a budget of £0; so we all have to use our sales skills to get all this material and equipment from suppliers and contractors!

Since joining the Redrow graduate scheme, I definitely feel that I have developed and challenged myself further due to the unique opportunities Redrow has offered me. I would definitely recommend applying for the Redrow Graduate Scheme and embrace all the different opportunities and challenges that Redrow has to offer; after all this scheme is designed to bring the best out of you!