Why I applied at Redrow

Why did I apply to Redrow? That’s easy. I’ve always had a passion for engineering. There’s something so satisfying about being part of a project that can help others. Whether that’s helping build someone’s first home or their dream one; it’s what makes my job so enjoyable!

If you’ve read some of our previous blogs then you’ll know Redrow offers two schemes; the rotational and bespoke. I’m on the bespoke course working in the Technical Department as an Engineering Co-ordinator.

My role in essence, is to help the site run as smoothly as possible. Each site will have two co-ordinators. One takes care of everything above ground the other will take care of everything below it. As the Engineering Co-ordinator I deal with the latter. This can include liaising and organising with various parties such as Design Consultants, Ground Workers, Local Councils and even Archaeologists to ensure the site meets its targets and deadlines.

For example, one of the sites I look after is in the early stages of development and had archaeological works carried out. As part of this, they had discovered an ancient roman well! Usually the archaeologists would remove items like this to display in museums. However, the water levels were too high so it was deemed dangerous to excavate. The alternative solution was to preserve it where it was instead. My role in this was liaising with our Designers and the Archaeologists to work out whether this would conflict with any roads or drainage that was planned to be installed. Thankfully this wasn’t the case and the well will sit underneath someone’s front garden. That’ll be some story for whoever buys that house!

One of the aspects that really attracted me to this role was the balance between office and site work. This means I get to enjoy the best of both worlds as some days I can be doing office work and other days I can be out overseeing work on site. Either role can be more enjoyable depending on the weather!

Since joining Redrow, the team has been really welcoming. You’re given a lot of responsibility from the get go and the learning curve can seem daunting at times but people are always around to help you out if you ask. Looking back at my first few months that support is invaluable as it really helps grow your confidence when you’re staring out. As mentioned previously the amount of responsibility given to you so early on can feel like a big step. But it’s also an opportunity. I’ve found at Redrow there’s a so much scope for progression, if you can show you’re capable then you’ll move up the ranks faster. Which is something not all companies can admit to.

If you’re thinking of applying for the grad scheme I would really recommend it. Even if my own role doesn’t appeal to you I’d still tell you to look around as Redrow offers so many different roles that you may love. I feel I’m lucky as I’ve always had a good sense of what sort of role I wanted to be in since I was a teenager. But I understand some people can still be in their final year without a clue what to do! University is stressful enough without trying to figure out your career path, but if you’re in that situation my advice would be to have a look at the rotational scheme as it gives you a taste of everything Redrow does. And by the end of it who knows? You may have discovered a passion for something you never knew you had.