Mental Health Campaign - Graduate Project 2019

Group projects are an important aspect of the graduate scheme at Redrow, and this year we were asked to be involved in the branding and marketing of a national campaign about Mental Health. As a company, Redrow cares about the health and wellbeing of all employees and contractors, and this year the company are embarking on an ambitious project to help colleagues who require mental health support by training 150 Mental Health First Aiders across all of our divisions, making sure that mental first aid is just as easily accessible in offices and sites as physical first aid.

The brief
A group of graduates were asked to come up with three ideas for the branding, logo and other supporting marketing materials for the campaign, and then present our designs to senior members of the team. Needless to say, though a lot of work needed to be done within a short timescale, we all rose to the challenge and planned a number of conference calls and also a meeting day at the Midlands Training Centre to focus on the group work that was needed.

We quickly broke down into small teams focusing on specific sub-tasks. My focus was on research and I looked at similar Mental Health Campaigns by other business within the construction industry, and also campaigns by charities and non-construction businesses. I quickly found ideas, logos, names and posters that we could incorporate into our own campaign and shared my findings with the group.

Other graduates had also been doing their own research so we had a variety of ideas for branding and posters. Soon enough we had a long list of ideas for campaign names and potential logo and poster designs. We arranged to meet up the following week in Tamworth so that we could discuss and work together perfecting our brand idea, and start putting together a presentation for the senior managers.

The pitch
A couple of weeks and a few conference calls later it was presentation day and we all arrived at Tamworth excited to present our ideas to the panel. We spent the morning getting prepared by making the final touches to our presentation slides and perfecting our script. My speaking part was to explain the research we had done by looking at other industry and charity led mental health campaigns, and also to explain the design characteristics behind one of the three logo designs we had decided upon. By the time it came to present, we all knew our part and were able to confidently deliver what had been asked from us.

I can proudly say that the presentation went down very well and the panel were blown away by the amount of effort, resources and enthusiasm we had put into this project. In fact they were so impressed that they had decided to use two of our branding name ideas rather than just one. Our logo designs were sent to professional graphic designers to use as inspiration for the final logo, and a few of the other graduates were asked to present the background behind the logo to them and our engagement team colleagues back at Head Office.

Consequently, it is safe to say that one of the best things about the Redrow graduate scheme is that not only are we listened to and asked for our opinions and ideas, but we also have a central role in directing the future of the business.

If you want to read more about how Redrow are supporting the mental health of our employees and sub-contractors, you can read the full article by clicking here.