This time last year I applied for Redrow!

I started to apply for graduate positions after I had returned from travelling in China last summer. As you can imagine, the process of applying for positions is very long winded and very time consuming - especially if you receive a rejection, which can be demotivating. I came across the Communications Graduate position just before Christmas on, which I applied for straight away, as I was confident I matched the requirements. I already knew of Redrow having spent time looking at interior design ideas when my parents were redeveloping our home so I was keen to find out more.

After some research, I learnt about the opportunities available in terms of training and development and was excited by the chance to work on marketing and communications projects for a large business across the multiple regions. What stood out most for me was the opportunity to get involved in community projects and sustainability measures (like the hedgehog hotels, which is my fave) - they make it more than just an office job! Having had no experience in construction before I was particularly interested in doing something different. I knew there would be challenges but was keen to learn.

I found the application process fairly simple to complete as it involved giving past examples of utilising a certain skill, for example, teamwork. I received feedback shortly after, inviting me to an assessment day. This was my second experience of these, so the nerves were a little high being against 8 other candidates. However the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of the New Entrants Team, as well as my (now) Line Manager, really helped and made the day really fun to be honest! I was later shortlisted for a second interview which involved giving a presentation. I had a few questions about the brief which meant having to call the New Entrants Team, who were very helpful! I gave myself 3 weeks to prepare for the presentation and by the end of it I felt like an expert and a slight stalker - having visited the social platforms A LOT! I must admit I did go over the time limit when presenting, as I could definitely talk for England! I was told a week later that I had got the job which I was super pleased about as all the prep had paid off.

1st week
The team had arranged to meet a week before for lunch which was really nice to get to know everyone a little, making the first day a little less nerve racking. My first day involved meeting the other departments in the Midlands office, having an induction, being introduced to the new systems and in general learning more about the rest of my team in terms of their roles and current projects. During the rest of the week I got a better understanding behind the history of Redrow and its organisational structure, the various divisions, PR agencies we work with on a daily basis, the social platforms and the content that would be posted per channel, as well as my what my role would entail. It was all (and still is) exciting, as the Communications Team is relatively new.

Everyday is different! As a team we all manage customer interaction across the social media platforms. I also work on updating the newsroom for both and the PLC site. I work on the internal intranet to update the communications page, which involves sharing the latest updates from a communications point of view. As a team we are regularly involved in projects together such as video edits, designing collateral and creating content. There is an analysis part of my role too where I collate various statistics on social posts and PR agency comparisons too.

Since joining, some key projects I have been involved with are, The Apprenticeship Awards, Art of Living video/content, National Customer Service Week, The 100,000th Home event, various industry awards and Halloween and Christmas content too! Being in a bespoke programme really allows me to use my skills incorporated from university and placement year, but also gives me more of a purpose. It’s nice to know that you’re bringing something to the team and that you’re part of Redrow’s future!

Training days
We had an initial 2 day induction which gave me the chance to meet the other graduates who are on this year’s programme too! It was great to know that I was not alone and that we were all in the same position. As we are all spread across different regions in our different roles, it’s interesting to hear each other's progress when we meet up regularly for training days. So far we have had training on customer service, communication, challenge and response skills and the basic housebuilder training - which has been my favourite so far! It really opened my eyes towards the processes involved when building a house, especially the different measures Redrow take. I’m particularly looking forward to the Construction Ambassador workshop in the new year as well as the Community Project!

Apply now!
So to wrap up, if you’re reading this and are unsure on whether to apply, I would 100% say go for it! I’m so grateful to be part of the ‘Redrow family’ it’s been such an experience so far and I cannot wait for what’s to come!

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Best of luck!