My first few weeks with Redrow

My first three days on the graduate programme started with three training days in Tamworth with my fellow graduates. I was nervous to meet the other grads however, everyone was in the same boat so it was lovely to meet everyone. The first day of training involved learning more about Steve Morgan and the company.

The second day involved customer service training - which was a real eye opener. One exercise involved us listing examples of when we have experienced good and bad customer care. Most of us struggled to remember a good example of customer care because it is something that we just expect. This exercise highlighted how important customer service is especially for Redrow who is a very customer focused company. The third day involved a site visit which I thoroughly enjoyed. Each evening we went out for a meal and drinks which was a really nice way to start networking and getting to know all the other graduates and employees at Redrow.

Thursday was meant to be my first day in the divisional office. However, as my first rotation was starting in the land department they kindly invited me along to a corporate day they were hosting for key agents within the area. The corporate event was clay pigeon shooting, and it was designed to enhance existing relationships. Again, at first this was daunting as I was meeting the land team for the first time. However, I threw myself into interacting with everyone as I had lots of questions to ask about the industry and the various roles. The whole day was really enjoyable and an exciting way to kick start my time in land. Friday I had my first day in the office, where I met everyone in the team, set up all of my IT, emails and familiarised myself with the Redrow systems.

Since then I have been extremely busy learning the basics of the land department, attending meetings, conducting market research and visiting potential sites. There was also a staff conference for the whole division which I found extremely useful as it gave me a small introduction and insight into the departments that I will be rotating too. It also gave me the chance to meet people from the division that I hadn’t already met. One of which being an assistant site manager who also began her time as a rotational graduate.

Lastly, I would advise everyone doing this rotation now and in the future to keep a diary and write down what they have done each day. The reason I say this is because my first few weeks have flown by and I have done so much in such little time that it would be easy to forget.