Our week in marketing

Recently, all Rotational Grads were booked in to spend the week at Head Office with Group Marketing. On arrival, we were met by Cait (Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator) and Sam (Digital Project Co-ordinator); both members of the Group Marketing department, who revealed our brief for the week – to create a ‘Sales Centre for the Future’. We were split in to two competing teams, with the winning team to receive a mystery prize.

We worked with one of Redrow's creative design agency, and Monday was spent touring their office to see what the company could offer towards our designs. When the tour concluded, we all travelled up to Head Office near Chester, where the following day we visited Woodford Garden Village. Woodford is Redrow’s impressive flagship development in the North West, and I’d recommend having a look if you’re in the area – it’s a great representation of our standards and values.

With the tours complete, it was time to get down to work – and 'Team Incredrow' was in it to win it. Full of ideas from the past two days, we decided to spend Wednesday finalising our Sales Centre layout, allowing Thursday and Friday morning to create and practise our presentation. Below is a sneak peek at our finished ground floor layout design.

With the layout confirmed, Thursday was spent working on our presentation. As a team, we decided to look beyond the Sales Centre itself, and play with different ideas of how to attract customers. Hannah created sketches of our vision for Redrow’s sales methods of the future. Below, you will find the product of our creative side; Redrow Cardboard Glasses and a Redrow iPad Stand linked with Futurium, who produce the touch-screen technology you will find across many of our Sales Centres.

Presentation day arrived and we were feeling relatively calm. Our opposing team stepped up and delivered a strong presentation and suddenly our confidence had waned. We stepped up and gave it our best shot, which led to a narrow victory for Team Incredrow, and a prize of a hamper of sweets and chocolate!

A quick mention for the weeks at Head Office – whilst we work hard during the day (and sometimes the evenings!), these weeks are also a great chance to get to know other graduates on a personal level. Most nights we will go out and enjoy meals together as well as exploring Chester’s endless supply of bars and pubs. You can take as much or as little out of the training weeks as you want, but they are a hugely valuable opportunity to get to know not just other graduates across Redrow’s divisions, but also to meet colleagues at Head Office that you are likely to communicate with as your career progresses. I really believe that having the ability to put a name to a face is valuable for communication, and these training weeks give graduates this rare opportunity that not many others in the business will receive, so make the most of them!