Redrow's application process

Redrow's application process is somewhat different to any other company that I’ve ever applied for. They don’t look to catch you out with vigorous tests or role plays, it’s all about how you are as a person.

When I applied, I first had to send in my CV along with answers to a number of questions mainly relating to my previous experience and degree. Following this, I was asked to attend an assessment centre in Basingstoke. I’ve attended a couple assessment centres whilst looking for jobs, but the Redrow assessment centre stands out as being the most relaxed – there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

They want to get to know you as a person, and so there are a number of group activities which aim to test both your personality, and how you work in a team. But it's mainly a lot of fun! Just try to remember to listen to your teammates, input when necessary and don’t be the one to always be talking. They look for people who can communicate with everyone. You’ll probably come out of the assessment day thinking ‘how an earth have they assessed me?!’ So don’t worry about it, it’s probably a good thing because they want you to be as natural as possible and that’s exactly what the tasks ensure happens.

After the assessment day I was invited to an interview in the Division in which I was applying. I had two line managers ask me a number of questions, mainly about my previous experiences and to evidence certain skills, so try and think of some examples that you can use before the day of your interview. Again, it’s pretty relaxed, they aren’t looking to catch you out or make you feel uncomfortable. Just make sure you’ve done a bit of research on the company beforehand and you’ll be fine.

They were really good at getting back to me after each stage of the process so they won’t keep you waiting too long. If you’re successful you’ll start at the same time as a load of other grads from various parts of the country (some you’ll recognise from your assessment days), and who you’ll meet again at the numerous training days and out of office events!

Good luck with your application!

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