Redrow Graduate Interview Tips

Hi everyone! Here are my tips for getting through the interview stage of the Redrow application process.

Before the interview


1. Do your research!

Knowing what Redrow do as company and what your role would involve is a good start but don’t be afraid to branch out and be familiar with where Redrow operates, our key values, main competitors and what our strategy is. It will give you more to talk about and show you are prepared.

2. Remind yourself why you want to work at Redrow

You’ve written a well worded application, researched the company and probably stalked some staff on Linkedin but what inspired you to start your career search with Redrow? What makes Redrow different that sparked your interest?

3. Get to know yourself and prepare your competency examples using your personal experiences

You may think you know enough about yourself to answer the questions, but you’ve probably never sat down and thought to yourself when you last showed leadership qualities. Start by preparing the following:

  • Your strengths.
  • Weaknesses and how you’re overcoming them, or how you’ve overcome. Weaknesses in the past.
  • Examples of how you’ve demonstrated leadership and dealt with difficult situations.
  • How you’ve dealt quickly with situations that didn’t go the way you planned.


During the interview


1. Use the S.T.A.R. technique to give depth and structure by making sure you describe four key elements in any answer.

S: Situation - what was the situation/problem/task.

T: Task - what did you need to do to overcome this/solve this/meet this target etc.

A: Action - What did you do to achieve this/how did you get people involved/how did you solve it.

R: Result - What was the outcome you achieved/what did you learn. Making it simple and explicit is the best way. Make sure you always highlight what you did, avoid mentioning what others did but talk about how you contributed to the overall outcome

2. Speak slowly and smile

This is one of the most important things you should be aware of during your interview; nerves can quicken your speech without you even realising. Having a glass of water to take a sip from will give you a moment to pause and calm down if you get carried away. A friendly face is always better and shows you’re keen, enthusiastic and willing to learn

3. Always ask questions at the end

The interviewer will usually be a senior manager at Redrow so it’s a great opportunity to ask their perspective on the organisation.



Hope these tips help you – good luck!